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  • How to book a consultation?
    It is straightforward procedure to book an appointment if you already knew which consultation you would require. This can be done by visiting the BOOK ONLINE page and selecting the one that you need. But if you are unsure of which one you would need, please fill in the contact form and someone from our team will be in touch to guide you on the right path.
  • I have a chronic ailments and inflammation, are there any special consultations that you offer for this ?
    Ayurveda is effective in providing significant relief for old and chronic health conditions. I offer a specific diet and lifestyle to heal chronic inflammation. Check out the BOOK ONLINE page for 'Heal your inflammation' consultation for further assistance.
  • Which consultation should I choose if I am healthy and just want to optimise my health ?
    Ayurveda dietetics is a basic consultation is the one that suits best for someone who is keen to incorporate Ayurveda in to their life and are fairly healthy.
  • Can I get a consultation straightaway or is there a waiting period involved ?
    While we want to accommodate you sooner, there is a waiting period of up to 10 days from the time you book an appointment.
  • What mode of communication is used for a consultation?
    All consultations are provided via zoom or face-to-face depending upon where you are located. London clinics are usually monthly and you could get a face to face assessment here. The dates are usually announced on Instagram page or stories if you follow closely.
  • Are offline consultations available?
    Yes, both offline and online consultations are available.
  • How do I connect with the doctor if I wish to contact her?
    You can reach doctor via instagram or via the contact form provided on our website.
  • Can we cancel our appointment?
    Yes, you need give a minimum notice of 48 hours to cancel any appointment. Charges may incur if you cancel without prior notice.
  • Will the consultation fee be refunded after cancellation?
    Once booked an appointment any cancellation will incur charges. If canceled, within 48 hrs after booking money will be refunded after deducting the admin charges.
  • What can I expect from a typical consultation?
    Your doctor will conduct a thorough examination of your health, with a special emphasis on your diet, lifestyle and geographic condition. The consultation will be done in according to the Ayurvedic principles of Prashna (questions) and Darshan (observation) chikitsha. During video consultation, your doctor will observe your eyes, nails, skin and physical constitution. Based on these examinations, the doctor may prescribe medicines along with diet and lifestyle customized for you.
  • How can we communicate after booking the consultation?
    You can get in touch via email/ WhatsApp for any day today concerns or questions related to your treatment.
  • How do I make a payment?
    You can pay through Credit / Debit Cards, Net Banking, Pay Wallets (or) through your Contact Doctor account balance.
  • How do I receive my confirmation?
    Confirmation will be sent to the user's registered email-id after you book an appointment. A zoom link and any relevant information will also be sent to the email id registered.
  • What is the duration of the consultation?
    Generally initial assessment consultation lasts for 1 hr and the review calls usually last for 30 mins each.
  • How can I reschedule my appointment?
    You can reschedule all your appointments by getting in touch via email.

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Earned trust of many

Martha, London UK 

"I’m very happy with my results after working with Dr. Varalakshmi! I have more energy and less inflammation. She is very responsive to all my concerns and queries. I definitely recommend having a consultation with Dr. Varalakshmi. "

Manisha, USA

I just wanted to say Big thank you for all the expertise in helping me with my issue. I was on the Ayurvedic Path for about a year but still having issues with constipation. After consulting with you and you telling me what herbs to take and oils to use in the routine. I am amazed at how much better I can feel. I understand my body better now. Thank you for fine tuning everything. 

Sejal Shah, New York

Just when I thought I had no hope without taking the pills prescribed to me. I came across your page and started following you and reached out. I am so glad that I did. I learned a lot through your knowledge and guidance. 

I was finally able to regulate my menstrual cycle. Thank you isn't enough! I am grateful to have your Support! Thank you for that faith, hope and knowledge. 

Indu, Virginia USA 

"I am Indu , living in Virginia ,USA. I was looking for ayurvedha doctors thru instagram and found her page .
Dr Vara does deep analysis of of the issues that we consult with her and provide insight with her wide knowledge that solves the issues. 
Yea definitely it helped my younger son whom had some underlying issues before and it got resolved and he grew tall.

Her support and her immense knowledge will definitely helpful to ourselves to overcome the health issues and for an year now we stopped going to our regular physicians for our issues . 
We always work with Dr Vara and all in our family follows her advises."

Sahana, India 

"Not all angels have wings.Some have stethoscopes"


Hello I'm Sahana residing in India.I found out about Dr.Varalakshmi from Instagram. She is one of the most compassionate and warm hearted Doctor I have ever come across.Her workshops are immensely knowledgeable which Il carry with me for life. She puts the client at ease by listening to them patiently and has the expertise to get to the root of the issue.Will always be grateful for the personalized support she provides.

Sireesha R, India

I found Dr Vara on Instagram.

There are many interesting aspects about the way she approaches to any health issue, at first she makes us understand why its happening and then she makes the plan keeping our limitations in mind. She will never be in a hurry & with a lovely smile she says everything will be ok. Not even a single time i felt that i am in video call and not in person. Last but not least her work commitment was mind blowing, she will always be a message away to us. 


Yes working with Dr Vara is a blessing to me, my health and overall well being has improved alot.

My pains have reduced and I never thought that i can lead a normal and painfree life, thanks to Mam who gave me time to time strength and encouragement to reach where i am. 

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