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Get Started with GUT- 2.0

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A 4-week master-course to transform your Gut

Is this you?

Introducing our life-changing 4-week course focused on transforming your gut health and unlocking your full potential for optimal well-being. The master course is comprised of 4 modules and in each module addresses one specific topic and follows the signature blueprint of Dr.Varalakshmi's 4R Gut-Healing Method. 1. Transform your gut health and experience a newfound vitality with our 4-week course, unlocking the potential for optimal well-being. 2. Rewire your digestive system for success as you discover Ayurvedic principles that nourish, balance, and rejuvenate your gut. 3. Embrace fasting and detoxification practices to eliminate toxins, enhance digestion, and unlock your gut's natural healing abilities. 4. Gain holistic tools and techniques to cultivate a healthy gut in your daily life, creating lasting habits for improved overall wellness. 5. Experience the transformative power of the mind-gut connection, allowing you to thrive with increased energy, improved mental well-being, and a strengthened immune system. Get ready to redefine your gut health and experience a profound transformation that will leave you energised, rejuvenated, and thriving. Book your place today!

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Martha, London UK 

"I’m very happy with my results after working with Dr. Varalakshmi! I have more energy and less inflammation. She is very responsive to all my concerns and queries. I definitely recommend having a consultation with Dr. Varalakshmi. "

Srujana, USA 

I came to Dr.V which unimaginable acne like I never before. On our first meeting Dr was able to narrow down the issue. She then sent me my diet plan with medication. Within 2 months of changes in my diet , making my digestion stronger I was able to see results. I really appreciate working with Dr and recommend her for Ayurvedic treatments. 

Shilpa Rao, USA 

I found Dr Varalakshmi to be sincerely interested and dedicated to my well-being. Her close follow-up and guidance made me feel taken care of. That she was committed to my improvement was very supportive and healing!


 Dr Vara is adept not only in the teachings of Ayurveda but also in hands-on real-life practice. I found her quite astute, perceptive and wise in her assessment of my situation and her plan of treatment. She focuses on diet and lifestyle following which she prescribes Ayurvedic medicines as a support. I appreciated that the number of medicines she advised and their quantity were minimal - they were not overwhelming. Dr Vara was accessible via email and text which I found valuable. During the entire treatment I felt listened to and cared for in an honest, effective manner. My blood levels showed marked improvement after following Dr Vara's treatment. I personally learned key behaviors from Dr Vara that I incorporate even now and are very effective for me - namely, drinking boiled herbal water throughout my day and exercising in the morning on an empty stomach. 


I am at a much better place in my health now, and I've learnt key things from her I can do on a daily basis to keep myself well. I am indebted to Dr Vara for her care and treatment.

Aline, Belgium

I came to Dr. Vara because of digestive issues, food intollerances, nutrient deficiencies, skin issues, infections, tiredness and a low immune system. I had dealt with this for 10 years and had tried western medicine, different diets, naturopaths, TCM, even other ayurvedic praticioners and much more. 

At that point I had neither trust in doctors anymore, nor in my body, nor in life.


Dr. Vara understood quickly what was going on. I have never met a doctor more dedicated. I followed her protocol 100% and my health returned within a few months. She has given me back the quality of my life. 


Additionally, what I learned through her teachings will continue to support me.

And the highlight is we got myself in such a great condition that I'm now happily pregnant. 


Dr. Vara is a blessing and I am more than greatful for her. With her as my doctor I feel safe for life.

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