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How to deal with allergies this summer?

Summer is a season where allergies like hayfever are quite common. Ayurveda says that seasonal allergies can be easily managed by following a diet & lifestyle as per the season. Again diet can be different to each and every person depending upon their individual circumstances. 

During summer there is dominance of Pitta dosha and Subtle Vata, during this season it is important to follow diet and lifestyle that can pacify Pitta and Vata. In countries like UK, during summer due to the pollen and other allergens there are lot of allergic reactions. People with suppressed immune system can be prone to allergies towards pollen,dust, mold and stings are common.

Summer Allergies
Seasonal Allergies during Summer

1. EAT HEALTHY - Following a diet which can improve your immunity and including immune-modulator fruits and vegetables is always a first step.

MAINTAIN A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT - Keep your home and office as clean as possible, avoid harsh chemical cleaning products with pungent odour as they can irritate your nasal mucosa . Using natural and organic products is advisable.

2. CLEANSE THE AIR - The air we breathe plays a vital role in keeping allergies in control. Using essential oils like tea-tree and eucalyptus can purify the air. By using essential oils like tea tree, clove, rosemary and eucalyptus oils can purify the air you are breathing. Keep house plants which absorb co2 and release fresh oxygen.

3. GHEE APPLICATION- This is one of the best tips for someone with severe allergies to follow. Ghee is an amazing Immune- modulator with several health benefits internally and externally. Applying Ghee inside your nostrils not only acts as barrier between allergen and nasal mucosa, but also aids in improving immunity.  

4. ANTI-OXIDANT FOODS - Eat fruits like Blueberry, cherries & strawberries which are rich in anti-oxidants that can help with the allergies. Adaptogens like Turmeric & Liquorice are considered good.

5. FACE MASSAGE & STEAM - Regular face massage activating marma points with warm sesame oil followed by steam is highly beneficial. Marma points are special points in the body through which vital energy force or prana travels. Massaging these points can help in unblocking them there by aiding in steady flow of energy in the body.

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