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Course Schedule

Week 1 – Digestion

The key to good health starts from having good digestion. Unlike the toxic diet culture which teaches us to look at appetite as a bad thing. Ayurveda describes Appetite as a key factor for having good metabolism. This week we are learning about the concepts of Gut, Digestion & ama. We will learn how these concepts play a key role in your overall health. What are the factors that affect the functioning of Agni? Types of different Koshta and how to eat for your Koshta type. 

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Week 2 -Ahara/Diet  

 Ayurveda considers food as one of the most potent medicines for our body. The food we eat not just nourishes our body but is one of the three pillars of our existence. The key to a good functioning gut is the source of wholesome and nourishing food. 
We will be covering aspects like probiotics and prebiotics, Fiber food, gluten free food and eating etiquette.

Week 3 - Poop Scoop & IntermittentFasting

Not just what you eat but what comes out of your body is also an important sign for your Gut Health. Second week you will learn about the importance of having good bowel movement and factors that affect your poop. How to identify any signs of imbalances. Then, you will learn all about intermittent fasting and how to incorporate it in your life.  

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Week 4 -Rythm  

Just like your home, your body also has a clock called a Biological clock. It ensures all the important functions like digestion, immunity & assimilation are happening on time. In the last week, you will learn how to optimize your gut by incorporating daily practices. We will wrap the session by learning about herbs and supplements.

What Else is Included? 

1. 12 hours of Live Masterclass 

2. 4 Separate Weekly live Q & A

3. Course Material & Worksheets 

4. Acess to Whatsapp Group Support 

5. Acess to course recording for 6 months 

6. Participation Certificate 

7. Healing recipes

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