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Get Started with GUT

A 4-week gut-transforming mastercourse!

  • Started 24 Oct 2021
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Learn how to get started with your GUT through this Ayurvedic course which covers the basics of Gut health. This course is to help anyone who wants to get started with healing their Gut. The topics we cover in this course include 1. Digestion The key to good health starts from having good digestion. Unlike the toxic diet culture which teaches us to look at appetite as a bad thing. Ayurveda describes Appetite as a key factor for having good metabolism. We will cover important aspects like Appetite, Jataragni(digestive fire), AMA( digestive toxins), and Kosta. Assessment of Koshta and its types and how to eat for your koshta type. 2. Diet - Ahara Ayurveda considers food as one of the most potent medicines for our body. The food we eat not just nourishes our body but is one of the three pillars of our existence. The key to a good functioning gut is the source of wholesome and nourishing food. We will be covering aspects like probiotics and prebiotics, Fiber food. Does skipping gluten an important factor for healing your gut? Eating etiquette and Importance of eating six taste meal and why you should adapt your diet as per seasons. 3. Poop Scoop & Fasting When was the last time you had a peek at what comes out? Poop conversations are a must for healing your gut. Your poop can reveal a lot about what's happening inside your Gut. We will learn how to access poop and what are the signs of imbalance? Practices to set it on autopilot mode and allies that support this. We will talk about Intermittent Fasting and its importance and steps to take to get started. 4. Rythm Having a routine is an important factor for creating balance and bringing harmony inside our bodies. We will dive into circadian rythm and how to plan your day to suit your gut. Good sleep is underrated but it is one of the best ways to heal your body. Last but not least, spices and herbs come in handy in healing your gut!

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