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"Ayurveda in Modern Age"

Master the art of Vedic living in Modern Era

In the modern age, we are often confused about eating right, maintaining weight, being fit, and not sure how to be a healthier version of ourselves.
In the past decade, many diets have become a trend but most of these diets are unilateral and rigid. While they might work for a while, they are not sustainable for lifetime. That's why, When it comes to choosing the perfect healthy diet we are left in puzzle.

Unlike these trendy diets, Ayurveda teaches us how to be in tune with our innate nature. It encourages you to be conscious of your diet and lifestyle. The age-old practices of Ayurveda help us to find balance in our lives with practices that align with our body and mind.  

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"Tap into your Conscious Self"

This course will demystify some of the complex concepts of health and give you the knowledge to achieve those health goals you have set for this year. During these 5-weeks, you will learn how to be intuitive with your diet, cultivate a healthy routine and understand your digestion and lead a balanced life.












This course is for YOU, if you
  • Want to learn how to be intuitive with everyday health choices?

  • Want to learn how to eat optimally and digest well?

  • Want to adapt your diet to changing seasons? 

  • Want to lead a life that is in tune with nature & your mind-body?

  • Want to learn how to cook simple meals that are balancing to your body and mind?

What students Say

"I took Dr. Vara's course "Get Started With Gut" mainly because I wanted to learn and apply Auyvedic wisdom in my practice, and I am happy I did. I learned so many new things that I have already started applying in my daily routine. 


This course was very well organized and delivered. Dr. teaches you to step by step identify what may be causing your health issues and then what you can do to resolve those according to Ayurveda. 


Dr. Vara is very generous in sharing her knowledge. She made sure to answer all the questions during our Q&A sessions. And her support on what's app group is great and very beneficial to have because as you are applying the learned strategies and have any question you can ask in the group. - Hira M

What students Say

"I have been on a few of Dr Vara’s Masterclasses, they are so good I keep returning for more.Dr Vara manages to get accross all the intricacies of a complex science with such compassion and patience to her students.We were lucky to find Dr Vara in our journey to better health. 


Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Mandana 


What students Say

"Get started with Gut workshop has really helped me to learn about herbs and kitchen remedies to maintain the digestion on right track" - Sangeetha 

What Clients Say

"Dr. Varalakshmi has a beautiful energy and is truly gifted in sharing her Ayurvedic wisdom. I have learnt so much from attending her courses. Everything is explained so that it is easy to grasp and how to easily apply to everyday life. Dr. Varalakshmi provides plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Having a Whatsapp support group creates a lovely community with the other sudents to share, discuss and clarify queries." - Sioban
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