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Course Schedule

Week 1
Understand your Unique-self

  • Learn about the uniqueness of being you in the Ayurvedic language.


  • Learn to identify the signs of balance & imbalance in your body.


  • Learn how to be intuitive in everyday choices.

Takeaway: Identify your Dosha prakruthi and master your unique self

What are the 3 doshas in Ayurveda_ Definition and meaning _ Mother Of Health_edited_edited
Green House

Week 2 
Ayurveda in real life  

  • Learn how to apply these concepts in real life. How to adapt your lifestyle to suit your prakruthi.


  • Create a balance by including practices that flow with your lifestyle.


  • Practical tips to incorporate Ayurveda in modern day living.

Takeaway: Applying simple and quick practices in day to day life to find balance.

Week 3
Tap in to your conscious

  • Learn how the mind and emotions play a vital role in your health.


  • Learn about the qualities & doshas of Mind.


  • Dive into ayurvedic diet & practices to enhance your emotional well-being.

Takeaway: Learn how to be emotionally healthy. Identifying the causes for imbalance and the practices to keep them in balance.

Meditating at Home
Eating Watermelon
Eating Watermelon

Week 4
Nourish & Sutain 

  • Learn how to eat optimally to nourish your Prana.


  • Food that nourishes our prana gives rise to Ojas that sustains life.


  • Best diet & practices to boost your jataragni.


Takeaway: Master the art of eating well

to nourish & sustain your body!

Eating Watermelon

Week 5
Ayurvedic Cooking 

  • Learn how to cook ayurvedically and make simple meals that suit your Prakruthi.

  • Learn Why, how and when of Ayurvedic cooking.

  • Peek into my kitchen - Cooking class detailing spices and how to make a power-packed meal with six tastes.

Takeaway: Practical kitchen tricks to cook healthy meals. Learn how to use spices to enhance well-being.

herbs and spices
What Else is Included? 

12.5 hours of Live Masterclass


2 Separate live Q & A sessions


Course Material & worksheets


Access to Private Whatsapp Group


15-day Ayurvedic Living Challenge


Access to course recording for 6 months


Participation Certificate


BONUS: Healing recipes, Ayurvedic lifestyle practices, links to further reading and podcasts, and more!

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