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Week 1 – Where it all begins

The key to good health starts from having good digestion. Unlike the toxic diet culture which teaches us to look at appetite as a bad thing. Ayurveda describes Appetite as a key factor for having good metabolism. This week we are learning about the concepts of Gut, Digestion & ama. Agni is the epitome of health while Ama is the root cause of most diseases. We will learn how these concepts play a key role in your overall health. What are the factors that affect the functioning of Agni? Types of different Koshta and how to eat for your Koshta type. 

Image by Brooke Lark


Week 2 – Where it all begins

Ayurveda considers food as one of the most potent medicines for our body. Food we eat not just nourishes our body but it is one of the three pillars for our existence. Key to good functioning gut is source of wholesome and nourishing food. 

We will be covering aspects like probiotics and prebiotics, Fiber food.

Does skipping gluten an important factor for healing your gut? 

Eating etiquette 

Importance of eating six taste meal and why you should adapt your diet as per seasons. 

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