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Hello You!

Are you tired of being sick, feeling full even when you don't eat much, having to suffer pain during periods ?? 

Dear modern woman,

I know you can juggle many roles with ease but are you feeling like lost when it comes to your health ? Despite being health conscious, you are completely confused why doesn't any diet work for you?. You don't know if you are intolerant to certain foods or it has to do with your hormones .


You are eating organic & natural food; have tried everything that is available in the market from supplements to Nutriceuticals. 

Nothing seems to help with your gut issues, you are constantly bloated, no matter what you eat you end up with gas. Despite the constant effort, you struggle to sleep well at night and you are feeling anxious all the time. Your hormones are a mess & your periods are irregular.

You know you are doing something wrong to have all these problems but not sure where is the issue?

No matter, how many laxatives & pain meds you take they are not making any difference. You still suffering from bad cramps in your tummy & not getting a proper bowel movement.

You have tried various diets from paleo to becoming vegan, they seem to work for a while, but the problem always comes back once you stop the diet!

I get it!
You are frustrated that nothing works!
You are tired of this sick feeling
You want to feel lighter & look normal
You want to eat like a normal person without feeling conscious of your belly.


What you need is not any diet that just masks your problem but one that actually heals your body from inside out. One that can correct your digestion & metabolism, create a favorable environment for restoring the optimal function of your body.


A Unique Philosophy


This is one of the quotes in Ayurveda which basically highlights the importance of having optimal digestion. Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine originated in India which says that each & every living being in this universe is a miniature version of 5 basic elements (Ether, Air, Water, Fire& Earth). Inside our body, they exist in a unique combination of 3 doshas i.e. VATA, PITTA & KAPHA. These 3 doshas determine a person’s physical, psychological & physiological characteristics of a person. Each & every person has unique doshic combination almost like genetic code & one must eat according to their Dosha combination.
Eating as per your doshic combination is vital for good digestion, smooth elimination, optimal functioning of all organs resulting in good health. Research shows that our Gut health is linked to the functioning of other vital organs like Brain, kidneys & heart.

What can you achieve by working with me?

1.Optimal Digestion
2. Improved appetite
3. Increase energy
4. No more gas
5. Regular bowel movement
6. Balanced Hormones
7. Reduced chronic pain
8. Improved immunity
9. Stress Reduction
10. Regular sleep

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